Monday, May 7, 2018

3rd Rotation, Week 4-Charleston, WV

I am almost half-way through my 3rd rotation at Thomas Memorial Hospital in Charleston, WV.  I have really enjoyed it so far!  The day starts at 7:30 AM (which is earlier than most), I gross until about lunch time and I am typically done by 2:00 PM! I have grossed a couple “new-to-me” specimens such as a mandible for squamous cell carcinoma, a submandibular gland for tumor, and an ear for squamous cell carcinoma! I have also got a lot more placentas, uteri, and colons.  The histotechs normally cut the frozen at Thomas, but they will let you cut them if you make sure you ask! I have enjoyed the practice, because they get a lot of thyroids for frozen, and besides diagnosing it, I basically do everything from start to finish.  Everyone here is very nice and helpful so I am having a good time.  I am from Charleston so I have enjoyed spending a lot of time with my family…and free home cooked meals every night! 

Around the middle of April, I began applying for jobs.  It is still a little early but I thought I might as well start applying for the practice.  I think it will be a long process of finding the right job in the right location.  My husband will graduate from WVU in December as well so it makes it a little more complicated knowing we both need an open position at a job we like, in a city we like.  It is still super exciting to think about either way! I will definitely blog once I have found a job so (much) later in the year I might have some more to share about the job searching process.

I still have 4 weeks here at Thomas, but I can tell I am going to miss it here! I will blog again at the end of the rotation to talk about the second half!

Monday, April 16, 2018

2nd Rotation, Week 7-Johnstown, PA

I have finished up my rotation at Conemaugh. Another 7 weeks down!! I know I did not blog half way through with an update, but there wasn’t much else to say.  I enjoyed my time there and I feel as if I continued to grow more comfortable in the gross room and I gained a little bit of speed with the standard specimens.  I was really hoping I would get a lot of larger, more complex specimens, but we didn’t, until the very last day!! We received a distal pancreatectomy for a pancreatic cyst.  This specimen consists of the tail of the pancreas, the surrounding soft tissue, and usually the spleen is attached.  Ours was a little different, the spleen was received separately along with a segment of transverse colon and we had a portion of stomach attached to our main specimen.  Hannah and I decided to gross it together since there was only one and it was so interesting.  We have heard from previous students they were able to gross a lot of larger cases during their rotation here at Conemaugh, but I guess that is just the luck of the draw.  The rest of the time, I mainly did colons for tumor, diverticulitis cases, uteri, skins, placentas, and biopsies.  The experience is still appreciated because like I said, I gained comfort and speed which are things that can only help! 

(Sidenote: We had the best thing about this rotation was the food, and they weren't wrong!  We also discovered the Toasted Marshmallow Latte from the coffee shop was the bomb so if you find yourself at Conemaugh Health System, you gotta try it!)

 I just finished up my first day at Thomas Memorial in Charleston, WV so I will blog about this one hopefully at the end of the week.  I am from Charleston so it is really nice to be home!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

2nd Rotation, Week 2-Johnstown, PA

I cannot believe my first rotation has come and gone! I finished up at Butler at the end of February and I am now at Conemaugh Health System in Johnstown,PA.  I loved my time at Butler and but I am excited to be here.  This rotation is a little different in a few ways:

-I am paired up with my classmate Hannah. This is nice because we can ask each other questions if we are not sure about something and I always love company! (Fun fact about me is I hate being alone for extended periods of time…)

-They provide housing and we live right across the street. I only have a 5 minute walk which is amazing compared to the over an hour drive I had for my last rotation. We also start at 9AM which is an hour later which means I should get more sleep but I don’t… (Another fun fact about me is that I am an early bird!)

-They provide us $6 a day to eat in the cafeteria which is amazing because the food here is insanely delicious. (I know, I was skeptical too because it is a hospital cafeteria…but it is awesome!)

We both gross at least one larger specimen a day such as a uterus, colon, or breast, but we have been told it should get busier. We also should be really quick at grossing placentas, because they get a lot of them here…in addition to biopsies and the non-complex specimens.  So far I am enjoying it and I will give another update in a few weeks!